recognized and approvedby Medical Cannabis Unit

DrorSecurity is acompany recognized and approved by Medical Cannabis Unit ,the Israeli Police Department ,and the Defense Ministry ,as well as a company with GSP IMC standard.

The security managers and security guards of Dror Security are trained and highly skilled in the field of medical cannabis ands ecurity facilities and hold all necessary licenses. Dror Security holds the highest level of planning and security consulting and provides its services to a large number of clients in Israel and worldwide. It has a team of highly qualify and certified security personnel who carry out professional security and operational routines at any security facility including medical cannabis growing farms.

The following are additional services provided fo rsecured facilities/medical cannabis farms:

•Consulting on the construction of the facility in accordance with the security standards and requirements

•Writing security commands

•Managing the security in the facility through an approved security manager •Placing approved armed security guards to secure the facility

•Writing and editing security procedures and policies for the facility

•Training facility’s staff on a variety of topics (security,firstaid,fire,emergency procedures,etc.)

•Providing support as necessary in handling employees and suppliers •Providing security consultation of Cyber and Information Technologies

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