Dealing with combat and security comes with great responsibility. At Dror Security we highly emphasize proper instruction and attention to detail. Dror Security provides combat shooting and tactics training for the following:
Training and establishing SWAT teams
Personal protection teams, ranging from individual training to security teams
Security teams operating on foot, in vehicles and in advanced combat driving
Training and establishing special forces teams
Specialty training for a variety of combat scenarios
Security personnel and war-fighters within their environment
Tactical training and drills, enforcing security norms for daily protocol as well as emergency situations
Security protocol and cooperation between agents
Combat drills for security individuals and security teams
Training scenarios in public order and preventing the escalation of public unrest
Training tactical teams in rifle and pistol scenarios for their operational needs
Training and establishing counter terror teams in urban warfare, tactical breaking and entering and control teams.
Learning deferent types of transportation and tactical combatants  

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