Intelligence and Private Investigations

We can provide intelligence and private investigation either as an integral part or as a complementary product for the protection of the vital assets of your organization.

Our company operates in full cooperation and integration with private investigation offices in Israel and around the world in the following fields:

  • Private Investigations and business intelligence gathering
  • International Investigations
  • Data and Cyber Security
  • Loss Prevention 
  • Intellectual Property
All activity is carried out by professionals with extensive experience in their fields, and in accordance with laws and procedures as defined by law in the target country where the work is carried out.
All activities are documented by advanced and stealth means (video and audio as needed and allowed). The data is analyzed by the best minds with a security, investigative and intelligence orientation.
We offer intelligence and investigations according to the following categories:
Investigations and business intelligence gathering:
  1. Economic Investigations 
  2. Background Checks
  3. Competition Investigations
  4. Undercover Client
  5. Prevention of Depreciations and Loss
Intellectual Property:
  1. Business Secrets and Trademarks
  2. Copyrights
  3. Patent Protection and Registered Rights and Designs
    Data and Cyber Security:
    1. Bug Detection and Listening Devices at Your Office or on Your Computer or Cell Phone
    2. Polygraph 
    3. Data Security and Protocol Procedures
    4. Network Monitoring and Prevention of Data Loss
    International Private Investigations: 
    1. Surveillance
    2. Undercover Work
    3. Information Analysis

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