Dror Security

Dror Security is one of the leading security companies in the world, specializing in personal security, shooting and combat instruction, Krav Maga, investigation, planning and cyber security.
We hire elite professionals – former members of Israel’s security service, IDF special forces and elite police units. Our clients range from the public to the private sector.
Established in 2006, Dror Security operates in Israel and around the world.

Dror Security – its management and professional team – has gained vast knowledge and experience through years of military service and instruction and security work in the civilian sector. This vast experience has launched the company as a leader in innovative and unique development of security solutions, with the ability to meet the needs of public and private sectors in every region.
Today, Dror Security provides services ranging from specific and pinpointed solutions to vast and all-inclusive security solutions and plans, all uniquely adapted to the client’s needs.
Dror Security employs only experienced and skilled personnel, who qualified to provide personal security, maritime security, high profile events and residential security.
In order to assure up to date expertise in all of it’s employees, the personnel and managers regularly partake in licensed seminars and refresher courses. In order to be prepared to respond to any event at all times, Dror Security continually examines and studies the techniques of terrorist and criminal organizations.

Dror Assor

Founder and owner of Dror Security. Dror is a combat, shooting and Krav Maga instructor. He has instructed for many years in Israel and around the world. He is a security expert in complex mission.

Zohar Stolovich

CEO of Dror Security. Military Major (reserve duty). Zohar is a combat, shooting and Krav Maga instructor, hold a B.A. in business management and human resources from Ben Gurion University and is a graduate from Glilot College. Zohar has vast experience in managing security projects and giving security advice to organizations and private customers in Israel and around the world.

Dr. Danny Tirza

Security Consultant. Military Colonel (reserve duty), expert in strategic planning, borders, border protection, and H.L.S. Graduate of PNP from Harvard University, USA, P.H.D. in business management from York University, USA.


Security Advisor and Special Projects Manager. A former commander in the Israeli Security Agency (ISA). A veteran of an elite unit in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). Holds a B.A. from Bar-Ilan University. Has a rich and diverse experiences in overseeing complex operations in Israel and around the world. An expert consultant on all types and levels of security. Security, combat, and shooting instructor

Giora Iland

Security Consultant. Military Major General (reserve duty), head of Operations Directorate and head of Planning Directorate. Highly educated as an expert in strategic planning and national security. Head of the national security council in Israel, B.A. in finance and MBA from the Bar-Ilan University.

Moshe P.

Head of Intelligence and Cyber Security. Member of elite unit in IDF special forces.Private investigator licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Justice. Consults and plans technological security systems.

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