Consultation and Planing Defense Systems

Dror Security specializes in consulting and planning security protocols for governmental, public, business and private bodies.

Dror Security’s main strength is adjusting and catering the technology on the field throughout all levels of operation:

  1. Characterization – writing operational request (OPR) for the level of defense that is required.
  2. Planning – planning the security accordingly in order to provide a fulldefense dossier.
  3. Technology – method of defense – implementing operational requests specified by the defense dossier for a compatible technological dosage (a maximum adjustability to each field of operation in accordance to the complexities and variables – weather, topography, civilian movement – fabric of life, natural elements etc).
  4. Installation and Supply – preparing tender/pricing bid request/quantity and estimations. Full supervision of all phases of installation and integration of all subsystems and synchronization for maximum efficiency and operation.

5. Guidance – instructing individuals in order to create an organic integration with the technological systems.

6.  Accimpanying – overseeing the initiation of the defense system throughout the starting period in order to maximize system production.

7.  Periodical Supervision – periodical supervision in order to maintain, improve and upgrade the systems according to the varying updated needs and demands of the client (including red teams).

Our combined experience and knowledge is what defines us and makes us in-demand to our clients.

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